In addition to our selection of cured beef, sausages and cold meats in Casa de la Montaña we have a wide range of cured ready to cook meat, subject to exhaustive quality controls that ensure all the flavour from the mountain of León in our products.


Fresh Chorizo: Chorizo sausage aired in our walk-in freezers, ready to fry or bake and enjoy with friends or family.

Pork chop: Our marinated spareribs are made using our artisan recipe. A delight to be cooked baked with rice or stewed with potatoes.

Hock of pork (lacón): Foreleg pork, lightly salted and cured in our facilities, the basic ingredient of traditional dishes such as pork shoulder with potatoes or with roasted peppers.

Botillo: A traditional product in our region, handmade from the backbone, tail and pork ribs, marinated, and stuffed into a gut in order to be smoked and cured according to our familiar recipe.

Pork belly: Streaky bacon with lean pork meat. Ideal for a genuine flavor to stews or to cook grilled or fried.

We also produce red and white pork sausages, brochettes, pork mask , creole sausage or pork tongue. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information on our product range.